Travel health insurance for foreign guests

What´s covered
Incoming PremiumIncoming Carefree
Outpatient treatment costs at the doctor’s office in Austria
Pain-relieving conservative dental treatments per year of insurance
max. € 600€ 250
Medicine and bandages
Radiation, light and other physical treatments
Massages, medical packs and inhalations per year of insurance
€ 300-
Accident aids per year of insurance
100 %-
Inpatient treatment in the general care class (multi-bed rooms) without optional services (private medical treatment)
Medically necessary pregnancy treatments due to complaints
Deliveries up to the end of the 36th week of pregnancy (premature birth)
Transport of patients for inpatient treatment to the nearest hospital
Medically sensible return transport of patients
Transfer to home country or burial in Austria
Adherence until re-establishment of transportability maximum for the duration of
1month1 month
The sum of health insurance benefits is limited to max.
€ 250.000€ 50.000