Travel health insurance Young Travel Outgoing (Travel abroad)

Travel health insurance
100% reimbursement for: Outpatient medical treatments, dental treatment, medication and bandages, and much more
Inpatient treatment
€ 300.000100 %
Declaration of reimbursement of costs to hospitals, supplementary payments abroad, shipment of medicines, exchange of information between family doctor and treating physician
Costs for an accompanying person
€ 2.500 
Substitute hospital daily allowance for a maximum of 30 days
€ 50 /day€ 50/day
Telephone costs of contacting the emergency call centre
Hotel costs for a maximum of 10 days
€ 2.500€ 2.500
Benefits for co-insured persons
Return travel costs of insured persons
-100 %
Hotel costs for a maximum of 10 days
-€ 2.500
Benefits for uninsured relatives
Sick call
-100 %
Travel liability insurance
€ 750.000 € 1 Million