Travel protection

What´s covered
Trip interruption insurance
Unused travel service; reimbursement of the entire travel price; e. g. due to unexpected and serious illness, death, serious accident, pregnancy, etc.
Acute chronic or existing ailments, etc.
Extra return travel insurance
Additional travel costs in case of interruption of travel, additional accommodation and return travel costs; e. g. due to unexpected and serious illness, death, serious accident injury, pregnancy, etc.
Acute chronic or existing ailments, etc.
Delay protection
Public transport delays of more than 2 hours: extra outward travel costs, additional accommodation costs and additional return travel costs
Transfer protection
Delay of the feeder flight by more than 2 hours at the connecting airport in Europe from an airport of departure in Europe
Additional return travel costs
Costs of rebooking
up to € 250 up to € 500
Accommodation costs
up to € 50up to € 75
Deductible up to 20% of travel cancellation costs
Luggage insurance
Damage and loss of luggage in custody, criminal acts of third parties, damage caused by traffic accidents and damage caused by fire, explosion or natural events
Single € 2.000/ Family € 4.000Single € 3.500 / Family € 7.000 
Travel accident insurance
In the case of invalidity
€ 20.000 € 40.000
In the event of death
€ 10.000€ 20.000
(For children up to the age of 18 € 10.000)
For rescue costs
€ 20.000€ 80.000
For cosmetic operations
-€ 5.000
Personal Assistance
Worldwide 24h emergency call service: assistance with law enforcement, loss of travel documents and means of payment, interpretation costs up to € 3.000, penalty deposit up to € 13.000 
Guardian angel:
Damage to the house (property): assumption of costs for necessary emergency repairs; shell damage to your vehicle: deductible
-up to € 500
Travel health insurance
100% reimbursement for: Outpatient medical treatments, dental treatment, medication and bandages, and much more.
Inpatient treatment
€ 300.000100%
Costs for an accompanying person
€ 2.500100 %
Benefits for co-insured persons
Return travel costs of insured persons
-100 %
Hotel costs for a maximum of 10 days
-€ 2.500
Benefits for uninsured relatives
Visit to the sick
-100 %
20 %No deductible
Travel liability insurance
€ 750.000€ 1 Million