Travel health insurance for young visitors

Travel health insurance for foreign-national visitors Young Travel

Young Travel Incoming PremiumYoung Travel Incoming Carefree
Outpatient treatment costs
Pain-relieving dental treatment acc. Fee schedule for dentists per year of insurance
100 %€ 250
Medicines and bandages
100 %
(Deductible € 5 per drug and deductible 10% for remedies per insurance case)
100 %
(Deductible € 5 per drug and deductible 10% for remedies per insurance case)
Radiation, light and other physical treatments
100 %100 %
Medically prescribed aids in 1-fold version
Undeferable operations
Inpatient treatment costs in the general care class (multi-bed rooms) without optional services (private medical treatment)
Insurance coverage in your home country for contracts of 364 days for max. 6 weeks
€ 30.000-
Preventive cancer screening per year of insurance
€ 200-
Psychoanalytic treatment (up to 5 sessions per insurance year)
€ 1.000-
Psychotherapeutic treatment
Accidental dentures
€ 2.500€ 1.000
Medically necessary dental prosthesis with 60% of the invoice amount per year of insurance
€ 2.500€ 1.000
medically necessary treatment for pregnancy and treatment during premature birth
pregnancy examinations, per insurance year
€ 250
Cost of childbirth
Medical transport for inpatient treatment
Medical meaningful return transport of the sick
Accompanying person in case of return transport of sick persons
repatriation of mortal remains to the home country or funeral in Austria
100 %€ 20.000
Transport costs for hospital visits for more than 14 days
€ 1.000 -
Adherence to re-establishment of transportability
up to max. 3 monthup to max. 3 month